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Posted on April 29, 2016 in Advice

The Best Instagrams to Follow for Financial Inspiration

You probably browse Instagram to connect with friends and look at foodie photos, but have you thought about using it to get motivated about your finances?

As an image-based platform, Instagram is a great way to find visual inspiration for everything from redecorating your home to planning your next vacation. And with a growing number of money-oriented bloggers and publishers joining the fun, there are a lot of great ways to get your daily dose of financial inspiration on Instagram, as well.

Here’s a roundup of the best Instagrams to follow for whatever money motivation you may need.

Financial headlines & factoids (cnnmoney)

Want to keep up with the latest financial news without sifting through lengthy articles every day? CNN Money’s Instagram account posts short, interesting news stories that touch on various aspects of personal finance and the markets.

For example, in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, CNN Money revealed a surprising fact about the monarch’s wealth: she’s not as rich as you might think. “The Queen’s personal fortune is just about £340 million ($490 million USD),” which they point out is “tiny compared to the wealth of the world’s richest people.” 


Motivational quotes (forbes) 

Forbes also shares interesting news items and fast money facts, but their feed is also peppered with thought-provoking quotes about work, money, time management, and general success factors. The words of wisdom come from a variety of sources, including historic figures, celebrities and CEOs of top corporations. Forbes also frequently posts eye-catching photos accompanied by short news stories, cartoons, and infographics, like this one showing how national legal sales of cannabis have risen since 2014 and are projected to skyrocket by 2020. 


Success stories (theeverygirl_)

An online resource for creative, career-driven women, The Everygirl runs feature stories on topics ranging from fashion and wedding planning to financial advice and entrepreneurship. They often profile women who have built successful careers and are willing to share valuable tips from their journeys. A recent Instagram mini-story highlights Ashley Parrish, executive producer at Today’s Digital (the online platform of the Today Show). The Everygirl also frequently offers financial tips, such as this recent post about the 5 high-priced items you should budget for in your 20s and 30s.


Infographics (financialtimes)

Do you adore pie charts, bar graphs, and animations? If you’re a sucker for visualized data, check out the Instagram account for the FT, or Financial Times. They use visuals to illustrate some of the most fascinating economic issues of our day—for instance, a recent animated graphic shows the evolution of the self-driving car. The FT also regularly posts political cartoons, news headlines, and photos from their FT Photo Diary, a collection of some of the best pictures from around the world each day.


Recipes galore (cookinwithmima)

One of the simplest (and yummiest) ways to save more money is to skip the expensive restaurants and takeout in favor of home-cooked meals. There are thousands of foodie feeds on Instagram, but cookinwithmima has the beautiful pictures plus the recipes right in the caption. A quick browse of her feed gives you cook-at-home inspiration for weeks—and makes it clear why she’s amassed 2.6 million followers.


While you’re browsing Instagram for financial inspiration and tips, be sure to also check out theeconomist for financial news from a global perspective, daveramsey for motivational quote graphics, yourprettypennies for budgeting advice, and (shameless plug) mydobot for savings inspiration and the latest stories on our blog.

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