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Member Highlight: How One Dobot Saver Reached His Dream Goal

We love making dreams come true, and hearing about them, too! Among the many stories we’re privileged to play a small part in, Pat Roth’s was one of our favorites (plus we loved his t-shirt!). Here’s his story. 

Dobot Member Saved for Engagement Ring

How did you meet?   Well, we were set up by a mutual friend…but since we were so busy, it took us about six months to get our first date on the books!

When did you start saving for the ring?   When I started saving with Dobot last year, my first goals were the engagement ring and the engagement trip to Portugal. It was nice to save with Dobot because I could set specific goals. The goals kept me motivated, and helped me to rethink how I spend my money on a daily basis so I could save more.

And once you reached your goals, how did the proposal go?  After an exceptionally busy period in both our careers, we decided to get away and go to Portugal last Thanksgiving. It took a full day of travel to get there and jet lag hit both of us pretty hard. And for me, it was especially hard to sleep knowing that I had a little black box in my suitcase. I even considered waking her up in the middle of the night just to propose. The following morning we set out for a hike along the coast of southern Portugal. It was a beautiful, sunshine filled day and after hiking for about 30 minutes, I suggested we move away from the path towards the coastline. We were both looking over the ocean and then I grabbed her hand, turned her around and got down on one knee…and she said “yes”! It was a once in a lifetime type of trip.

Do you guys have any favorite date outings?   While we love trying new experiences, we’ve found that we both really enjoy taking cooking classes – especially while traveling. We love to eat out and try new restaurants, get outside with our dogs and hike and snowshoe.

When is the wedding and where are you planning to go for your honeymoon?   Our wedding is in May and we are headed to Kauai, HI for a week of fun in the sun!

We love hearing the stories behind our member’s goals.  If you have a story you’d like to share, we’d love to feature you.  Just send us an email with a brief summary and we’ll be in touch!


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