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Dobot Team Looks Back at 2016

Before we turn to 2017, we at Dobot wanted to thank you, our members, for taking steps towards improving your financial health. And because we’re on the same journey, we thought it would be appropriate to share a few of our own stories.  Here are a few of our favorite adventures as we looked back at 2016.

Gem’s First Music Festival: Austin City Limits

Save Money for a Trip to Austin City Limits2016 Goal:  I had a lot of great experiences in 2016 but looking back my absolute favorite has got to be my weekend in Austin for ACL. Though I have more pressing financial responsibilities (i.e. car payment, mortgage, house fixes, etc.) I knew that I couldn’t pass up my first music festival experience.

How I Got There:  I literally have no idea how much I could be saving each month. I’m a creative, numbers usually make my head spin. Sure, I can calculate my monthly expenses by digging through my bank statements to see what I have left over and make projections on expenses down the road but I don’t have that kinda time. So I use Dobot to help me reach my goals. I created my ACL goal four months before my trip and turned on automated savings. I set up my goal in 30 seconds and just let Dobot work its magic. Each week I went into the app to check on the progress and it was incredible. $44 here, $30 there, Dobot got me to my goal automatically. When the weekend came around I transferred the money into my bank account and I was flush for the weekend. I had an amazing time in Austin and I wasn’t worried about money because Dobot had already saved it for me.

2017 Goal:  In 2017 I’ll be saving for a lot of new experiences and I’ll be using Dobot for all of them. Maybe ACL 2017? Want to meet me there?

– Gem McLaughlin, User Experience & Digital Designer

Welcome to the World, Nolan! 

Save Money For Kids2016 Goal:  This year was pretty big for us because we had our first kid, Nolan. Having a kid comes with a ton of new expenses. We used Dobot to save up for our crib. We created the goal right before he was born and we reached it just in time for him to move into his own room. If only Dobot could have helped with the assembly 🙂

How We Got There:  Automatic Savings has been a lifesaver for us. With all of the new expenses of having Nolan, it was tough to keep up with our normal saving routine.  We took the advice about automating our saving efforts, and it’s kept us on track.

2017 Goal:  Trip to see Grandma and Grandpa and spend some time on the beach in Michigan next summer!

– William Giuliani, Senior Mobile Developer

MG’s Climbing Adventures Continue: Yosemite Valley

Save Money for Climbing Trips2016 Goal:  I saved up for a week trip to Yosemite Valley to climb. It was a ton of fun not having to worry about money while I was on my trip. I was able to focus on climbing and just enjoy my vacation.  

Other Goals Accomplished?  Yea, I set up an Emergency Fund this year and have reached three months worth of expenses so far! Also, I have paid off a good chunk of my student loans.

2017 Goal:  I have a few climbing trips planned in 2017, but I’m also hoping to continue paying off my student loans and get rid of them if possible!

– Mary Grace Stocker, Associate Product Manager

When It Rains It Pours: The Joy Of Being a Homeowner

Save Money for Roof2016 Goal:  I reached two goals in 2016, and they were polar opposites of each other.  The first was a family trip to Hawaii, which was awesome.  The second wasn’t exactly awesome, but turned out to be more important — establishing an Emergency Fund.  I had always intended to set aside money for unexpected expenses, but didn’t have the discipline to stick with it (something always seemed like a “higher priority”).

How I Got There:  When our mainline backed up, a week before two different pipes burst, and a month before our roof had to be replaced, I was really thankful for Dobot.  My Emergency Fund goal had been accumulating funds for about 6 months (without me even thinking about it). Unfortunately, those expenses turned out to be more than what I’d saved in my Emergency Fund. However, my Dobot savings made a huge dent in the bills I unexpectedly had to pay.  I don’t know what I would have done without it.  Thank you, Dobot.  

2017 Goal:  This won’t surprise you, but I hope to replenish my Emergency Fund! I’m also looking forward to another home project — a built-in desk so our kids have a comfortable place to do their homework and use the family computer. 

– Andy Zurcher, Senior Vice President of Product



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