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21 Creative Gifts That Cost Next To Nothing

It’s crunch time. You need a gift for someone special, and time is running out. Ugh…we’ve all been there. Don’t let the pressure of coming up with the right gift force you to overspend. Instead, go the other way. Focus less on what you can buy, and more on what you can do. After all, the most meaningful gifts are often not very expensive, but rather very thoughtful.  Check out these 21 thoughtful gift ideas that won’t break the bank.


Everyone loves DIY gifts. Here are just a few that are sure to bring a smile when given to friends or family during the holidays.

1. Handwritten Letter – write down how much you care for a loved one or a friend. Get a cute card and write a special memory or share the attributes of their character that you admire.

2. Baked Goods – know someone with a sweet tooth? Bake them some delicious homemade cookies or one of your favorite recipes.

3. Unique Artwork – whether or not you’re an artist, you can always create something artistic.  Paint a quote on a white canvas, or create a collage of photos from a road trip or special memory!

4. Memory Photo – frame a photo of a special memory that you share together. Maybe even write a story about the event on the back to spark the memories and laughter from the good ‘ole days.

5. Friendship Mug – there are a dozen ways to make a cute mug by hand. One idea is to  buy a stencil and make a cool design using sharpies. Make it extra special by adding hot chocolate mix, then tie it up with a Christmas bow.

6. Recipe Book – write down five of your favorite recipes in a cute book and share what you love most about them. They will love trying out your favorite recipes!


Do you have a special talent or expertise, such as photography, babysitting, cleaning, or painting? Create a coupon offering your services to be used in the weeks to come. The recipient will love the thoughtfulness of your gesture.

1. One Free Breakfast in Bed

2. One Night of Your Favorite Dinner

3. One Family Game Night (You Choose!)

4. One Free Night at The Movies

5. One ½ Hour Massage

6. One Date Night to a Sports Game

7. One Night Off From Cooking

8. One Weekend to Help with Gardening

9. One Big Hug

10. One Day to Help with Laundry

11. One Night of Babysitting

12. One Week Without Chores

13. One Week Walking & Feeding the Dogs

14. One Week of Trash Duty

15. One Day of Spring Cleaning Duty

What other ideas do you have? If you have any fun, last-minute gift ideas, or a gift that you’ve delivered in the past, please share in the comments below!

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